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Microcosmic Theory of a Stroll


Pencil, Ink, and Watercolour on Paper; digital projection.

Graphic score.

Performance during Penta Locus (20/11/2011) in collaboration with New York University, University of California - San Diego, Concordia University, Queen's University Belfast, and Hamburg Hochschule of Music. 

programme notes

This score grew out of my love for walking through vibrant city streets, listening, watching, and feeling the microcosms of urban life pass by me as I stroll. Five types of urban locations (buildings) were represented on the path of the score, colour-coded to their type and description.

One building type was assigned to each Penta Locus site. As one building/section on the score changed into another, the musicians assigned to that section became the focal centre of the improvisation. For example, as the listener “passes by” the Cafés, the musicians from Montreal took the lead. Small arrows on the path of the score indicate the exact times these changes were to take place.

The improvisations created miniature soundscapes from memories and associations with each type of urban location. At the bottom of the score, descriptions were given to help inspire, but not to strictly prescribe. Having a (somewhat flexible) group of musicians in several locations/cultures/ schools allowed me to explore the potential in separating the sections of my piece by assigning them to different participating sites, knowing that each site would have a distinct instrumentation and sound. 

Snippets of melodies, sound imitations, vocalisations, layers of sonic texture—these were woven into the thread that lead us around the block and home again. 

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