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This portfolio documents ten works created during research for the doctoral thesis "Tones out of Nowhere": Situating the Design and Development of Experimental Notations for Network (Telematic) Performance (2015), as part of a practice-as-research methodology. The portfolio of graphic scores and performance documentation provides an overview and context for the works: A Microcosmic Theory of a Stroll (2011), Veg (2012), Lichen (2012), Skyline/Rooftops (2012), Harbour Reflecting on City Centre (2012), Palm House (2012), UnRavel (I) (2013), Ranunculales (2013), Penélopé (2013), and The Silver Cord (2014). These works formed part of a personal artistic practice and a testing method for theories about how the properties of graphic notation could interplay with the concept and environment of network music. The first two years of work in this portfolio—represented by works from 2011-2012—explore static graphic notation in watercolours and pastels on paper and focus on testing aspects of communication between composer and performers. The second two years of the portfolio—works from 2013-2014—encompass the development of personal interest in using textiles as dynamic three-dimensional notation and as a view of the network made visible in performance.




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The Silver Cord (Unravel iIi), 2014

Lambswool, silk, bamboo, acrylic, and cotton yarn; silk cocoons.

Three-dimensional notation.

Collaboration with Makoto Nomura, Enrico Bertelli, and Kumiko Yabu in a site-specific installation and performance at the ancient house Nagara-no-Zaza, Miidera Temple, Japan.

Penélopé (unravel II), 2013

Lambswool and cotton yarn; digital projection.

Three-dimensional notation and graphic score.

Collaboration with Belfast City Choir and the University of Leiden Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.

Created for Belfast citywide event Belfast Culture Night, September 20, 2013.

Ranunculales, 2013

Ink and watercolour on paper (score); hand tinted craft papers; floral tape; copper wire.

Three-dimensional notation and graphic score.

Collaboration with Belfast City Choir.

Performance in the Open Source gallery "OpenSong" event, Belfast, N.I.

UnRavel (i), 2013

Lambswool, cotton, and acrylic yarn; copper wire.

Three-dimensional notation.

Collaboration with FoirmFada.

Installation and Performance in the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, N.I.

Making Visuals Sound, 2012

Pencil, Ink, Pastels, and Watercolour on Paper.

Graphic scores.

In collaboration with Dr. Franziska Schroeder, Michael Speers, and Andrew Harrison.

Artist residency, gallery show, and concert series in the Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast, N.I.

This residency included the following works: Veg, Skyline/Rooftops, Lichen, Harbour Reflecting on City Centre, and Palm House.

A Microcosmic Theory of a Stroll, 2011

Pencil, Ink, and Watercolour on Paper; digital projection.

Graphic score.

Performance during Penta Locus (20/11/2011) in collaboration with New York University, University of California - San Diego, Concordia University, Queen's University Belfast, and Hamburg Hochschule für Musik und Theater.